Guidelines for TF (Trade For/Time For) Shoots

The amount of Time for Prints/Portfolio shoots I offer are fairly limited and usually only reserved for models I’ve worked with in the past, however, I offer opportunities to shoot TFP with new people on occasion. Quite often these are for test shoots where I’m experimenting on new techniques OR for series I’m developing for gallery. The interested party would use these for portfolio or non-commercial purposes.


There is an expiration date on offers for TFP shoots. If you can’t shoot within the first 1-2 weeks of the initial offer, please don’t reach out to me 3 months later with the expectation it’ll still be there. 


Basic Terms For TFP Shoots

The interested model/muse:

  • must be willing to sign a Model Release previous to the shoot that will be sent to your email.
  • comfortable with shooting the current concept I’m working on (discussed beforehand) with little modification. I shoot a lot of themes leveraging implied, partial, and full nudity.
  • should be timely and openly communicate when they can’t be. Any no calls/no show or last minute cancellations (outside of a good reason) will result in the loss of current & future opportunities to work with me on a TFP basis.
  • must notify me if they are bringing any additional parties. I’m perfectly fine with models/muses bringing ONE platonic friend of any gender as long as they won’t be a distraction. Please avoid bringing your significant other regardless of gender (unless they’re already a mutual friend). I’ve tried this in the past but realized that more often than not they tend to be a distraction one way or another to the point it’s visible in shots.
  • I rarely work with models under 18, however, it doesn’t mean we can’t. You must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who must remain in the studio during the entire session. A model release granting permission must be signed by your guardian prior to the shoot.

What to expect:

  • I usually only shoot TFP with people I’m familiar with because I work primarily out of my home for free shoots. If you’re new, please know you’ll be working out of a home studio.
  • I usually send 2-3 pictures as teasers within 2-3 days of the shoot. Depending on workload, please allow up to 2-4 weeks for your shots before asking for them. I usually knock them out faster but busy periods can effect this. Also, being a fine arts photographer, I like to sit on them for a bit until I find an aesthetic/feel that resonates with me.
  • A Usage license outlining what the shots can be used for. The short version is the shots can be used for portfolio and anything where you’re not selling the actually image (ex: prints for your fans). If you want to use them for commercial use, we can definitely negotiate something and it’s an easy process.

Last this usually goes without saying and is spelled out in the usage license but please do not edit, crop out the filter, or use filters without permission. I generally don’t have this issue but just in case lol.

I know it’s a lot! But this will insure everything goes smoothly. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions.